Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas period,  maybe had time with loved ones, a break from work, lots of great food or if you are really lucky, all of the above.

2014 was a great year, in April I started knitting, it has been a great big learning curve, I have improved on a lot of things, overcome my fear of 'bigger projects' and started building up a better quality needle and hook collection. This year I also started this blog, which has been a lot of fun and I have discovered a lot of other knitters through doing it.

Here are some of my favorite knits from this year:

Patchwork Blanket Cable Knit Throw
                                      Patchwork Blanket                          Cable Knit Throw

Poloneck Poncho Cheeky Monkey Hat
                                               Poloneck Poncho               Cheeky Monkey Hat

Two Very Hungry Caterpillars

I was reading a recent blog post over on Wollen Wilderness (post here) where she counted the number of projects she had done that year and what percentage were gifts, and I thought this was a fun idea, so here are my 2014 knitting statistics: 

I have knitted 24 projects over 9 months, an average of 2.6 projects per month. 16 of these projects were gifts, so 66% of my knitting was gifted. 

To be fair though a lot of my gifts were small (hats, gloves, toys etc) and a lot of the things I kept for myself were a lot more time consuming (poncho, throw etc) so I would say my knitting hours would probably be more selfish!

KnitPro Sock Needles
In 2015 I hope to venture into sock knitting; and to encourage myself to keep my resolution, I have ordered the KnitPro Nova Metal 15cm Double Pointed Needle Set!

I am also pretty excited to knit up more gifts this year, especially since I received this gorgeous personalised stamp set for Christmas:

Personalised StampPersonalised Stamp


  1. What, you have only been knitting since April? I can't believe it! Well done.

    The KnitPro Nova needles are my favourites so I look forward to your verdict. I am using them right now for a shawl project. I like how easily the stitches glide along the needles.

  2. That is some amazing statistics, so much gifts!! And I agree with Nadia, it's incredible to think you've only been knitting since April, your projects are so awesome. In my first year of knitting I pretty much stuck to ribbed scarfs and flat knit hats.

    Happy 2015!

  3. Thank you girls, I have had a lot of time on my hands this year so have been able to spend a bit more time practicing then I would have otherwise. Nadia, I can't wait to try out my new needles :-)