Friday, 11 April 2014

A Teddy Called Doodles

When buying the materials for my beginner project, I spotted this little kit in the sale for $6 and just could not resist; this project is labelled as intermediate, but I actually didn't find it that difficult, just time consuming.

So what makes this harder is that it requires you to know knit stitch, purl stitch, knit two stitches together and increase stitch. This project also allowed me to practice following written patterns. Reading a pattern can look quite confusing, but I find that once I have the work in front of me, it makes sense.

The kit came with two balls of yarn and said that you would need both balls to make either the bear or the hat and boots. I made the bear using just one of the balls; so I may well make another teddy in the future... but according to the instructions, you will need 2 x 50g ball of yarn, 4mm needles, 5mm knitting needles, a yarn needle, polyester filling and scraps of black yarn (for the face).

It's a simple method of making each part of the body, then sewing them together:


I named my finished Teddy Doodles:

[Kit produced by Saleutions Pty Ltd | Purchased from Spotlight | Pattern free with kit]

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